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A short history on ring watches

For a very long time, people wanted to find watches that are unique, different and which makes it easier to express themselves. Ring watches are a great example because they are stunning, one of a kind art pieces that also help you tell the time. It’s a wonderful fashion statement, but at the same time it also has a practicality to it as well.

When were the first ring watches created?

Contrary to popular belief, ring watches were quite popular early on. In fact, a mysterious ring watch was found in a tomb thought to be sealed more than 400 years ago, however it turned out the watch itself was a 100-year-old Swiss ring watch disprovingdisproving the story. That being said, the first known ring watches were made during the 1750s. On top of that, during the early 1900s, a watchmaker from Switzerland managed to create an amazing ring watch that had the ability to run more than 46 hours without winding. It was a finger ring watch, very interesting but visually appealing and it even had unbreakable glass.

The trend faded a little bit after the beginning of the 1900s, but it came back with the late 60s. At that time the traditional and old school items were revamped for the new generation and they were extremely exciting to use for that time.

Special ring watches

We can’t talk about unique ring watches without mentioning the Halo by Graff from Baselworld in 2015. This unique watch has a stack of diamond and rubies as a swiveled exterior and once you push that to the side you get to see the interesting, highly ornate Watch.

A very popular ring watch was the Jaeger-LeCoultre ring watch with enamel. This one was created in 1900 from 18 karat yellow gold, it had 18 rose cut diamonds. It’s an extraordinary art piece and one that was extremely ornate thanks to the added diamonds. But it also worked perfectly as a watch too.

We also need to mention a stunning, Midcentury Rolex Ring Watch in rose gold with Diamonds that retains the high caliber quality of Rolex watches. However, it delivers that in the form of a ring watch that looks incredible!

Jaeger-LeCoultre also created a model named Caliber 426 in 1952. This one is different because the watch itself is in a platinum case with 24 brilliant diamonds and 8 sapphires. This is unlike any other finger ring watch out there, it’s very accurate and it also has a wonderful protective cover.

Cartier also had a few ring watches. One notable ring watch was platinum, surrounded by multiple diamonds and had a wonderful geometric design. Created in 1937, it was one of the most interesting and innovative pieces they created in the past century.


Throughout the years, ring watches have impressed millions of people and they really stand out of the crowd. Granted, they are not as common as wrist watches, but they are visually impressive, certainly a lot more ornate, and that makes them incredible pieces that you can wear any way you want. What makes ring watches different is their unique style and the fact that they are highly ornate and eye-catching. They are an interesting conversation starter so if you want to have unique accessories, a ring watch is definitely something to consider!